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Our job: Technical Foams Processing


Type of use

Through our wide range of fine-cell foams and our experience in processing, we are today the leader in luxury packaging. Foam boxes, ground foams, custom boxes, box clippings, laser engravings on foam, wrappers … these are all foam packaging solutions for luxury, perfumes, cosmetics, wine and spirits, the art of dining, etc.

Our foam

Our reticulated polyethylene foams (or PER foams) are currently the ones we use most for luxury and presentation packaging. Their fine cells, intense blackness, grinding quality and the various densities offered are elements that highlight packaged products.
Another type of foam used in presentation packaging is polyurethane (or PU foams).
By cutting foam blocks using a technique called “deformed” your products will fit perfectly in.
Finally, being aware of the serious environmental problems, we can also provide you with “recyclable” foams with a greener manufacturing.


type of use

From the simple foam cube to the full packaging, your future custom foam protective packaging can be suitable for various industrial applications: conveyor belt, shuttle-type car cases, Ethafoam® shelves, complete packaging solution, standard packaging, simple foam or adhesive cubes, foam profiles, foam corner guards, foam frames, bottle packaging, etc.


Our Foam

Depending on the use and the expected functionalities, we will be able to offer you different types of foams: multilayer polyethylene foam (e.g. Ethafoam®), PENR foams, high density foams, antistatic foams, conductive foams …
Whichever material you choose, it will allow you to create highly effective protections.
In addition to that, our experience gained over the years in cutting these foams will guarantee you high quality protection.


TYPE of use

As a true specialist in custom foam cutting, Cellutec Group puts all its knowledge in the service of its customers.
Processing, press cutting, foam engraving, etc… are part of the solutions we use for your projects, such as: foam workshop carts, tool cuttings in workshops, organizer boxes, equipment kits, 5S equipment, etc.

Our Foam

High-density custom foam will meet your expectations and will optimize your cuttings.
We will suggest the most suitable foam, depending on the cutting material and its fragility.
It is also possible to mix different foam colors to enhance the contrast of different layers.



The technical characteristics of the foam are numerous (shock and vibration absorption, sound and acoustic insulation, water resistance, elasticity, resilience and remanence, etc.), this makes it possible to imagine many technical applications of the foams:
Rubber seals, insulation of thermodynamic products, cutouts of technical parts, car dampers, protection of industrial poles, structural parts in aeronautics, etc.


Our Foam

Non-reticulated polyethylene foams (Stratocell®, Synergy®, Ethafoam® etc.) or reticulated foams (Plastazote®, XPE…), polyurethane (Filtrant, Dryfeel®, Antistatic…), PET foams, rubber, silicone foams, etc…. By expanding our panel of processed materials (each with different mechanical characteristics) we offer solutions to meet all the technical specifications you are looking for. Whenever you have a problem, feel free to contact us. Our design office will give you all its expertise.

Thermal and Acoustics

type of Use

The Cellutec Group offers many custom and ready-to-install solutions.

We provide custom answers for the various needs of sound insulation or thermal insulation in the industry.

In addition, a range of standard products complements our offer.

Our Foam

Starting from a block, plate or raw roller, we cut, complex, and adhesively glue the materials to obtain insulating materials: polyurethane foams with mass, PU foams with fire protection, Melamine, cotton fiber, polyester, etc.

From a few square millimeters pieces to a few square meters pieces, all solutions are possible.


type of Use

Chairs for shows or restaurants, office chairs, indoor and outdoor upholstery of boats, pool furniture, massage or medical examination tables, ergonomic pillows … are all solutions that we are able to offer you by processing alveolar foam.

By cutting, adhesion, foaming, we can offer you a wide range of foam comfort pieces.

Our Foam

The foams commonly used for this type of application are polyurethane (polyethers, high resilience, polyesters, with shape memory). By playing with densities, features and shapes, we can accomplish many of your furniture and comfort projects.


As a leader in the transformation of technical foams for packaging, cutting, technical parts, insulation (thermal and/or acoustic), our knowledge of cutting materials and techniques allows us to offer solutions tailored to your problems, regardless of the size of the series.


The CELLUTEC Group respects your environment by practicing a waste management policy that allows 95% of its waste from expanded cellular foams to be recycled and recovered.

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