Our environmental commitment

With care for the environment, the Cellutec Group places environmental policy at the heart of its strategy. Through various actions, such as the existence of 2 unique recycling centers in France, the Cellutec Group pays particular attention to the management of its waste, the choice of its suppliers and materials.

Here are some concrete examples of our efforts to environment protection:

Recycling at Cellutec:

Since 2007, Cellutec has a 400 m2 room specially dedicated to recycling which is equipped with a densifier and a crusher.

Today, almost 95% of non-reticulated PE waste is recycled at Cellutec, which is more than 150 tones per year. These wastes are converted into densified PE granules (350 kg / m3), then returned to the plastic sector to recreate the material.


Recycling at Calpac:

The non-reticulated PE waste generated at Nogent-le-Rotrou is recovered, sorted (according to their colours), then put in the form of ultra-compact “breads” using a crusher. These foam blocks are then passed on to the partners who will restore them to the state of the granules for recreating the base material. Thus, each year, about 40 tons of PENR are recycled.

For reticulated PE, Calpac, like Cellutec, collects waste and works with a partner who comes to collect this waste. The latter are then converted into crowded sheets for uses such as: drainage of sports fields, synthetic turf, children’s play areas…

Recycling to PSD:

At PSD, the PU is compacted into bales that are reprocessed through heating and conglomeration into compact blocks of different densities.

In total: each year, around 120 tonnes are reprocessed. 

Another recycled material at PSD is EPS, whose remains are recovered by the manufacturer, which then takes responsibility for recycling them into the building through thermal insulation applications.

 Choice of suppliers:

Our environmental approach also involves the choice of suppliers. Working closely with them, we dedicate much of our efforts to the search for new materials with a greener composition: foams from organic sources, based on vegetable resin, PET foam, all of which are solutions to have more environmentally friendly materials. In addition, we particularly search suppliers close to our factories and thus reduce the carbon footprint related to transport.

Engineers and technicians in the design offices

Machines in the park

Processed foams