Presentation Packaging

Protecting and improving your products


Cellutec Group creates foam boxes or combined with other materials to provide you with high-value-added quality packaging, while ensuring both proper fit and optimal protection of your products.

Whether it’s boxes, cassettes, box boxes or even wrappers, our design teams will be able to bring you the best visual and technical solutions.

The importance of our industrial park combined with our skill, has taken us all over the world in the fields of perfumes, cosmetics, wines and spirits, jewelry, the art of arranging meals…


Type of achievement:

PE boxes processing, creation of foam boxes, reticulated polyethylene coverings, laser engraving, luxury wood boxes, foam goods presentation racks, small presentation suitcases, etc.

Covered areas

Luxe - Présentation Groupe Cellutec


Parfum & cosmétique Présentation Groupe Cellutec

Perfumes and Cosmetics

Joaillerie Présentation Groupe Cellutec


Art de la table Présentation Groupe Cellutec


Icône application dans les vins et spiritueux

Wine and spirits